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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Is Having a Good Time effective Leadership?

For my money, having a good time is at the top of the list in required considerations for leadership positions. If you aren’t having a good time; there is hardly any reason to be there. You just gotta enjoy what you do; not necessarily every little bit of every day; but most of the time. You have to be able to look back at EOD and say to yourself: ”Wow, how about that ……….?

They wouldn’t call it work if every single minute of the day was totally enjoyable. There has to be some tough times, some stress and maybe some strife mixed in with what you do. I will bet you that when you look back in retrospect the times you remember the best and most fondly are the tough times. That’s what made you who you are.

It doesn’t make much different how tough the times were; somehow they turn out to be the memorable times; at least that’s my experience.

You will also find that there is always a we that made those times memorable.

We all reach our own highest level of excitement from different angles. Don’t be timid about looking for that next challenge. Regardless of where you have to go to take it on; seek it out. Expand your horizons; look to where you have never been before. Don’t be afraid to go there. You have no idea just what might be around that next corner.

I was lucky enough to have made that exact decision when I accepted my first assignment in the Army and spent the next four years in Alaska. The lessons I learned and the friends I made will last a lifetime; if only in my memory. The times were tough and the lessons weren’t always easy to learn or endure; but I survived and so did those I had the opportunity to lead.

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