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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Moose Heads

There's a Moose in the Gard Shack (expressed poetically).

New heads make bad decisions,
Heads in charge clean up behind.
Heads get excited,
Cooler heads offer no help.
Some heads forget to engage the brain,
Cooler heads offer wisdom.
Still other heads do not hear precisely,
But final heads provide the clarity.
Untested heads forget to practice,
By-standing heads prevail.
Another head called on to quieten,
That which one head can’t.
Often heads have no control
Of other heads actions.
Some heads refuse to comply
While other heads teach compliance.
One head thinks
Where another head asked to not.
One head wonders why
While another head asks why.
A head goes where very few have been,
A realm where most heads have no concept.
A cool head reports
And leaves stumped heads to wonder.
Our two heads know what to do,
While two other heads wonder why we do.
My head takes others on a ride
That their head believes to be true.
My head gathers the laws of people
And lay them out for others.
Most heads just really deplore poetry
And my head wonders why more don’t feel that way.