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Monday, August 26, 2013

Finished Edit Results

I have finally finished the edit work provided by my very capable editor, Cecily Sailer. This was a lot more work than I had ever imagined. Comparing the old version to the recommended changes took quite a bit of time—really consumed the hours and concentration of the grey matter.

The “out-come” is a great deal better than the “went-into”.

I changed up the entire manuscript to closer resemble a memoir and I think, even if I do say so myself, it works a lot better this way.

I have removed probably two thirds of the “lecture data” that made the former version closely resemble a text book rather than a memoir. I think this will work a great deal better and this action leaves me with a bunch of cannon fodder for this blog spot. I have a great deal more to say.

I may have used only one tenth of the true life anecdotes I have in the works and I still have a bokoo more that will be scribed before I am through.

Due to the rework, I now have a quandary: Do I send out queries to engage an agent or continue with my desire to self publish? Prior to the edit phase I had pretty much made up my mind that the self publishing route was the appropriate way to proceed. Now, I am having some second thoughts. Maybe, I just want to see what a few agents have to say about the reworked manuscript.

I think I will give a few of them a shot at it and see just what happens.