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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Brazos Valley Book Festival

Saturday next (19 May 18), I will be working the Brazos Valley Book Festival in Downtown Bryan, Texas.

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get out and interact with my fans and meet, greet and talk with the general public. I’m really looking forward to seeing what it’s like again plus having the thrill of telling some stories and hawking the book’

Come out and see us.

Brazos Valley Book Festival

Join me at the @BrazosValleyBF
May 19th at the Palace Theater in Downtown Bryan, TX
9 AM - 2 PM



There's a Moose in the Guard Shack!


Didja ever hear ‘bout…, or ya ain’t gonna believe this s&#t, but…
I searched for years for guidance that represented a better approach to solving the day-to-day problems consuming a leader’s time. Eventually, I realized I possessed the answer. During a staff meeting the light came on; I had experienced situations like the one being discussed—plus many we had previously encountered. I began to use my experience to solve new, but similar problems.

Throughout my career in the military and manufacturing, when presented with a troublesome situation, I gathered my staff and direct reports and said: “Guys let me tell you a story.” I would then relate the facts, details and circumstances from one of my experiences. Then we, as a group, would discuss it and our approach to solving our problem.

“There’s a Moose” is exactly that—stuff happens and stuff gets solved—a common sense approach from my experiences over a career in leadership. The adventures inside are all true. I know because I was there when they took place and often was the one to whom they took place. These are just some of those stories, what I learned and what I took away from them.

John Howard Hatfield is a retired materials management and manufacturing professional with over forty years in the military and manufacturing arenas. He spent time at sixty plus posts while in the military and has traveled to all fifty states (working in twenty-two of them). Howard earned a Masters from Central Michigan, a MS from the U.S. Army C&GS College, and a BBA from Texas A&M. He has more olive drab shirts than his wife wishes and enough hats to wear a different one every day of the year. He, his wife Patsy and his two dogs reside in Austin, Texas.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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