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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cycles in Business – Recurring Problems – Leadership involvement

Do you have recurring problems—problem areas that you have fixed return after a period of time?

If you aren’t watching, the stuff you fixed a year ago can become unraveled. You have to continuously go back and check on the Fixed Stuff. It’s never enough to sit back and think: “Well that’s fixed and now we can move on!”

Due to the constant change that takes place, subordinates will tend to forget policy and end up ignoring rules and procedures put in place that kept things right in the past—it’s only human nature.

What’s important now is what’s important now!

Even the best employees and organizations can get wrapped around the current hot problem and let slide those practices that recently became routine.

Think about posting a board where everyone can observe the what we just fixed areas of concern and periodically refer to certain problem areas during employee and specifically, staff meetings. Review their importance and why they got put on the WWJF board in the first place.

What’s broke today is important, but what used to be broke can be just as important if you don’t keep it visible.

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