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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gettin’ closer

Just scheduled an update meeting with my editor. I am closing in on the apex of a 4+ year journey on my project. I have pretty much decided to self-publish the book(s) and am really looking forward to the next phase.

I have absolutely no idea at this point just how much work will be involved in fixin’ what my editor has decided that needs to be fixed—for that matter, I don’t even know how she liked the read, if at all.

I have patiently waited on her email saying she is nearing the end for three weeks. That three weeks is not a long time when compared to the years I have spent in the work-up, but it has been a nail biter.

Let me take this opportunity to again thank all those that have helped, assisted, listened to and read my stuff during the last four years or so. I appreciate your every effort and you have been an immense help to the overall project.

I still have a great deal of work to do right here on the blog. I fully intend to publish a backstory here to each chapter I have in the book. The backstories will be a short synopsis of what is included in each story and additionally provide just a little explanation to fill in details that the casual observer might not understand.

Every industry, as I have painstakingly found has their own lingo that is not intuitively obvious to the run of the mill outsider. I hope the backstories provided here will assist in smoothing over the rough points that it just doesn’t make sense to detail in the stories themselves.

Keep watching. It’ll be over soon—I sincerely hope.

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