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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Evaluating your Plan for the future

Continuing our discussion that we started a few days back:

Are you into a career that you find is not living up to your expectations? Have you made choice(s) that have not worked out like you thought they should?

This is a difficult position to be in; but let’s try to get the most from a less than suitable situation. At least, let’s hope what you are doing is at least putting the bread on the table.

Ask yourself a few more in-depth questions.

How long can you survive in the position you currently hold? The current economy can not last forever. The ramp-up could be just around the corner. Plan you next move(s) now and be well positioned for the future. It will come; just like tomorrow morning. Be ready to execute.

I’m not sure I believe the situation, but are you burning out—to use an all to frequently used cliché, in a career path that initially challenged you, but no longer does?

Is this a real problem or a matter of interpretation? Might it just possibly be some sort of mid-career slump?

How would you go about rejuvenating the ole career if this is the situation?

Consider discussing this with your management. They might just have the answer you are looking for. Maybe the direction is a tangent to your current duties and responsibilities. Maybe there is room for additional responsibilities that can be added to your existing load that would tend to breathe new life into the somewhat routine day you find yourself facing. Sometimes what is needed is some sort of refresher training or just some cutting edge approaches to the current routine.

If there aren’t other avenues open due to size or maturity of the organization; your situation could be a hard nut to swallow.

Tough decisions might have to be made. Pulling up the stakes, dislodging the roots and moving elsewhere at mid-career is a real tough decision; especially in the market we are currently in.

If this avenue is not an option at the present; look at taking up a new outside interest. Search for one that requires somewhat great effort and considerable attention to detail. The burn has to be stroked no matter where the fire source comes from.

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